How can I afford to litigate my divorce? My spouse is the primary breadwinner?


A divorce can seem daunting with the legal fees that need to be paid to litigate it, particularly where your spouse earns a far higher income than you and can afford to hire more expensive legal representatives. In these situations it is recommended that you bring a Rule 43 application in the High Court against your spouse. The court will then make a decision on certain interim relief until the divorce is final, which includes an order that your spouse should contribute a particular amount towards payment of your legal costs. These applications are designed to provide both the parties with as much of an equal footing as possible when litigating the divorce, and you have the option to bring a Rule 43(6) application at a later stage if you should require a further contribution to costs. Keep in mind that you will still need to see where you can cut costs and what other funds you can obtain.
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