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Benita Ardenbaum Founder


Benita is a senior attorney with over 27 years experience in Family Law, Divorce Law and Personal Law. She is a member of the Legal Practice Council and admitted to appear in the High Court of South Africa. Benita has presented many workshops on family law and regularly attends International Family Law conferences around the world. Benita started her career as a prosecutor for the Department of Justice in Kwa-Zulu Natal where she gained extensive and valuable experience as strategic litigator. Benita left the Department of Justice and started her own family law firm as she saw an opportunity to improve the way family law firms work with clients by providing an integrative and client centered approach as opposed to a one dimensional approach to family law.

In addition to her extensive experience in litigation Benita is also well known for her negotiation and mediation skills and has successfully resolved many acrimonious divorces and family law matters. Benita has an intricate understanding of human behaviour and is committed to assisting her clients to take charge of their lives  and to empower them through an often traumatic process. Benita has a special interest in children and is a strong advocate for children’s rights. Benita has a large international practice and specialises in international divorce law, cross border child abduction, child relocation to other countries and reciprocal enforcement of maintenance for children and spouses, domestic violence and other areas of personal law.

“Divorce is emotional let us guide you to a rational
settlement without irrational hostility!”

“Divorce is emotional let us guide you to a rational
settlement without irrational hostility!”



At Benita Ardenbaum Attorneys, our goal is to empower our clients financially, legally, and otherwise through cooperation, support, and the sharing of knowledge.

Empowerment is always on the horizon for those who seek it. Ultimately, participating in meaningful, truthful exchanges and pursuing passions can give you the fuel and community you need to live your fully empowered self.



Our Attorneys show both strength and empathy as we protect the future for our clients and their loved ones. Our priority is to safeguard our client’s interests by protecting what matters most to them.

True emotional freedom requires people to grow and evolve through the pain. Once they do, they can step more confidently into the next chapter of their life.



Coming to terms with divorce isn’t easy. It requires a lot of soul-searching and hard work. 

It means turning inward and doing the tough work of processing your emotions—really feeling it all—the anger, the grief, the hurt, the depression,—and then letting go of those emotions. It means accepting that your marriage ended in whatever manner it did and finding meaning from the experience. 

Who we are


Central to the firm’s values and culture is to understand what is important to you, the client, and to create a tailor-made strategy to help you achieve an outcome that is favourable to you.

We understand that the legal process can often be stressful, daunting, confusing and over-whelming. In order to alleviate the stress of divorce or a family dispute, we work closely with our clients and approach each case with care, discretion, commitment and dedication. The core belief within our firm is that open communication with our clients is paramount and we seek to address each individual’s unique financial, emotional and legal needs by guiding and supporting them throughout the process.

No two clients are the same and there are those who prefer to avoid the stress and expense of litigation in court. We strive to assist our clients to reach favourable outcomes to conflict situations by means of alternative dispute-resolution methods such as mediation, negotiation and principles based on Collaborative Law. Where cases cannot be resolved amicably the firm is equipped to litigate in court to protect a client’s legal rights by means of the adoption of strategic and effective planning, preparation and execution.

communication is key

Client based service

Benita Ardenbaum Attorney are passionate about meeting their client’s needs and nurturing a genuine and transparent relationship with their client’s. Personal care of each and every one of our client’s is of paramount importance to us. The building
and nurturing of our client relationships is long lasting, even after the client’s mandate has ended. 

Our team understands that our client’s want honest, sound and practical legal advice, based on our extensive knowledge of family law. We strive to ensure that we deliver an exceptional experience which will not only attract new clients, but whenever necessary, assist previous loyal client’s. In delivering professional services to our client’s they are entrusting us with their future which is the foundation of our success.

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get to know each other

Benita Ardenbaum Attorneys prides itself on the specialist team of family law attorneys who are there to help families and individuals through hard times. With Benita Ardenbaum at the helm of the firm, she has a wealth of experience in family law both locally and internationally.

Each member of our team is committed to providing our client’s with exceptional advice aimed at achieving successful results. Our team has a combined background of impressive achievements and qualifications as well as a commitment to professional excellence and client services.

understanding your rights

It is important to obtain the correct legal advice when divorcing so that you have a comprehensive understanding of your rights. Understanding your rights is far reaching as a divorce incorporates numerous facets which include the division of assets according to your marriage regime, maintenance for the minor children and the spouse, and the incorporation of a parenting plan. In some cases, where there has been domestic violence or abuse, whether it be by a spouse or third party, we can assist in the process to obtain a protection order.

Understanding your rights does not only include knowing your rights in a divorce action it transcends to unmarried fathers rights and their pursuit of parental rights, laws pertaining to international divorces, and the rights of parents of abduction children.

determining your goals

When we are faced with a difficult and emotional situation, it is easy to get discouraged and lose hope. Hope is needed to find happiness and peace during times that might otherwise lead us to become disheartened.

Our Attorneys are directly invested in determining our client’s goals. By having clear goals, it enables us to know precisely what our client’s want to achieve. Our aim is to then plan for what our client’s ideal outcome would be and to identify the essential elements required to fulfil our client’s desired end result.

"You Are One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life Filled With Equality And Victory."

"You Are One Decision Away From A Totally Different 
Life Filled With Equality And Victory."