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Lockdown: GBV cases could drop after booze sales ban, but curfew may limit victims’ options

The question that everyone is asking is whether GBV has dropped since the second alcohol ban in South Africa on the 12 JULY by the government, who simultaneously implemented a night time curfew restricting people’s movements between 9.00 pm and 4.00 am.

While statistics indicate that the alcohol ban may have reduced the severity of gender based violence cases, victims are still experiencing violence but in certain situations to a lesser degree. Since COVID 19 GBV is definitely on the increase and Living with a perpetrator who is aggressive and controlling has left the victim in a vulnerable situation.

This has been made worse For victims since the enforcement of the recent curfew as there is nowhere to run. If a victim tries to leave the home after 9 pm to report DV at night the fear of been arrested by the police is sometimes greater than the abuse at home.

Also, there is a big fear of contracting Corona and dying or infecting the children, family members, or people that you come in contact with. Victims would sometimes rather be subjected to violence than the possible thought of death or infection.

Whilst the government is trying to prevent the upsurge of COVID 19 victims of abuse are been tortured, sexually violated, and killed.

The ban of alcohol has only slightly reduced the severity of the physical violence by the perpetrators and you have to wonder whether been trapped at home due to curfew and having to constantly walk on eggshells so as to appease the perpetrator from abusing you IS WORSE than the perpetrator drinking alcohol.

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Author – Benita Ardenbaum

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