Divorced within 2 hours of signing a settlement agreement

Mrs Spring approached our offices to assist her with her divorce proceedings against Mr Spring. Our offices instituted the divorce proceedings and contacted Mr Spring with a proposed Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan in order to deal with the divorce expeditiously.

Mr Spring rejected Mrs Spring’s proposals and was unsatisfied with the contact he was exercising with the minor children. 

Mr Spring approached the Family Advocates Offices and requested that they hold an enquiry and make a recommendation in respect of care and contact of the minor children.

Our offices prepared Mrs Spring for the enquiry, and advised her to show the Family Advocate what she had initially proposed to Mr Spring.

The Family Advocates Offices concluded their enquiry and made a recommendation in accordance with what Mrs Spring had initially proposed to Mr Spring.

Mr Spring subsequently launched a Rule 43 application and whilst we were at Court dealing with the matter, we were able to negotiate and finalize the Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan. 

Within 2 hours of Mr and Mrs Spring signing the documents, the Court granted a Decree of Divorce, and the divorce was finalised.

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Author – Tess Williams

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