With inter-provincial travel now permitted under level 2 of the national lockdown Regulations, many families are relieved about the fact that they can now exercise contact with their children located in a different province, without fear of restriction.

Whilst those located within our borders are now moving about freely, there are still many people located abroad who are prohibited from travelling internationally and are therefore unable to see their family members. Of particular concern are those cases where parents are unable to travel abroad to see their children.

In an ongoing matter that our offices are dealing with, a client, who has recently been allocated full parental responsibilities and rights in respect of a minor child, resides in the United Kingdom. We have successfully obtained a Court Order wherein our client is now permitted to relocate the child to the United Kingdom with her.

Despite the fact that our client is in possession of that Court Order, she is unfortunately unable to relocate the child overseas due to the ban on international travel. This ban has left not only our client but also a small child, in a state of limbo.

What should have been a happy reunion has now become a waiting game. The national lockdown may have been put into effect to protect our people from the spread of the virus, but at what cost?

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Author – Jessica Gooding

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