The Role of Sex in Marriage and Divorce

Sex for many couples is an important part of the relationship, but remains a difficult topic of conversation, particularly given that there are a number of different views about it and its role by many institutions such as on issues like sex before marriage, birth control, sex being only for purposes of pregnancy, acceptable types of sexual activity which couples may engage in etc.

In our experience, there are no set one-size-fits-all answers to sex and marriage, as different couples have different needs for a happy relationship.

Couples do, however, tend to stay together if they have good sexual chemistry with one another, and a regular and healthy sex life has often been linked by a number of people to a longer and happier marriage for many, so it should not be ignored.

Couples who have not had sex with one another before their marriage, whether for religious or other reasons, are unaware of their sexual chemistry with each other and only discover this after they have become married. This has the potential to affect their ability to continue in that marriage and even tempt them to stray into adultery.

Two of the specified examples in the Divorce Act of what would be considered proof of the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage is adultery and situations where the parties have not lived together as spouses for a continuous period of at least a year, the latter of which can be seen to also imply that the parties are no longer having sex.

Issues with the sex life of the parties has been brought up by many clients we have had the pleasure of assisting as one of the reasons given for the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and often provides a timeline for how long the parties have been experiencing issues in their marriage.

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Author – Murray Taylor

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