The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the world indiscriminately, and we have seen numerous people step up to fight the circumstances and become heroes.

This is not limited to medical professionals and scientists, who deserve our utmost respect for all of their tireless work day in and day out to treat and cure the virus, but also the everyday people who went out of their way just to help the underprivileged and the needy.

This is particularly true of areas where people were receiving no assistance from the government for even the most basic needs of shelter, food and clean water.

For example, The Sunday Times in June, after receiving numerous nominations across South Africa, crowned Sandra Tshisa as their Lockdown Heroes winner, who worked hard to feed as many of the local children she could that were going hungry.

The Sunday Times goes on to list several other heroes who had made many contributions towards the people in their community, usually out of pocket and with the need for donations and further support.  

Word needs to be spread around about how we all, as ordinary people, can all step up and contribute in any small way towards making the lives of all of South Africa better, and we encourage you to shine a light on your own local heroes.

Image – News 24

Author – Murray Taylor

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