In a recent domestic violence matter dealt with by our offices, our client was subjected to constant physical abuse, emotional abuse, and manipulation. Unfortunately, our client lived with her abuser and was unable to leave the home because she had three small children and had no source of income, and so was unable to support herself financially. 

Our client was initially reluctant to approach the Court for assistance because of the fact that her abuser was the financial provider for the family. She was fearful that if she went the route of obtaining a protection order, she would be left destitute and unable to care for her children. After receiving our advice and guidance, our client chose to seek relief from the Court.

We were able to assist our client by obtaining a much-needed protection order to ensure that both our client and her children felt safe and secure in their home. By advocating for our client and the children, we successfully obtained a Protection Order preventing our client’s abuser from not only entering the home, but also secured financial assistance as part of the same Order.

We understand that the decision to obtain a Protection Order against domestic abuse is never taken lightly and there is most often than not, a very real fear of the financial ramifications one may suffer as a result of their decision. 

It is important for people to realise that whilst some people may be in a difficult position, there are solutions to situations like this. We are focused on our client’s best interests, and tailoring solutions to suit each person’s unique circumstances.

Author : Jessica Gooding

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