Divorce can be frightening for children because the family structure changes dramatically. It is a change that they have no control over, and it can lead to them feeling extremely overwhelmed.  It is for this reason that parents going through this process should foremost place their child or children’s needs as their highest propriety.  

Unfortunately, the issue of parental alienation is often encountered in divorce matters. This occurs when one parent undermines or damages the relationship between the child and the other parent. Parental alienation as a form of social and psychological brainwashing by one parent who pits the child against the other parent.

Whilst accusations can sometimes be mild, they can also be incredibly severe. This often distorts the child’s perception of the alienated parent, regardless of how great their relationship was with that parent before. Ultimately, the parent and child relationship suffers, whether the allegations are true or not. If a child is repeatedly told, for example, that their dad is a bad person and does not want to see them even if it isn’t true the child may eventually refuse to talk to or see their dad when the opportunity arises.

There are various signs that will reflect in the child where there is such alienation taking place, such as rejection to the alienated parent, lack of concern to see you, vulnerability in being around you, ignores your rules, increased disobedience towards you, distrust and the list can go on.  Children are resilient but they are also impressionable. If parental alienation is going on, the child becomes more vulnerable and it can be damaging to their psychological well being.

Parental Alienation can occur very quickly. All the alienating parent needs to achieve is a willingness of the child to participate. Alienators are very sly and often coerce the child with toys, vacations, and privileges which enable them to brainwash the child to believe that they are the “good” parent, and the targeted parent is “bad.”If your ex-spouse is keeping your child from you, under the guise that your child does not want to see you, speak with your attorney immediately so that legal action can be taken. The Courts frown upon the violation of or interference with visitations and parental responsibilities and rights. If the need arises, an order could be made to prevent such violations and interference. 

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future, lets protect and nurture them and not use them as tools for your own needs and revenge.

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Author – Samantha Delomoney

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