Legal divorce proceedings can resume in court

Divorce proceedings can resume in court. Many people have found this lockdown period extremely taxing on their relationships, with some even questioning whether they still want to remain married to their spouse. Whilst some believe that remaining under lockdown may be in the best interest of the nation, the reality is that relationships are facing new and unexpected challenges as a result of people being cooped up with their spouse.

Living through lockdown often feels like we are experiencing a moment that will have long-term implications on family relationships and emotional wellbeing. Prioritising your own emotional wellbeing and happiness is essential.

There are those who may have been subjected to abuse, whether it be physical, verbal or emotional, and others who may have simply noticed characteristics of their spouse which they had previously not realised existed. 

Either way, some people do not even recognise the person that they married, leading to many people seeking advice and information on divorce.

The Durban High Court has recently started dealing with divorces proceedings again, including unopposed divorces, and although the process of having a matter brought before the Court may take slightly longer, given the restrictions, leaving a toxic or unhappy marriage is not impossible.

Author – Jessica Gooding

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