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who could it be? a presidential divorce battle on the horizon

A former president and his wife are expected to battle it out in Pietermaritzburg High Court in what is expected to be a highly publicised divorce.

Whilst the two parties’ names cannot be released to the public owing to a Constitutional Court ruling, there have been a few titbits that have been released.

The battle will seemingly centre around his assets and a large spousal maintenance claim, with the soon to be ex-wife claiming that he has been “secretive about his financial affairs” and hidden his assets.

At this stage, we are aware that the wife has claimed monthly spousal maintenance in the region of R170 000.00 per month, which maintenance will go towards maintaining her and the children’s lifestyle, including her luxury vehicle, personal assistant and three domestic workers. She has also claimed for medical and educational expenses, as well as a contribution towards her legal costs in the sum of R50 000.00.

The papers have been filed and included therein are claims of emotional and financial abuse as well as third party interference.

According to reports, she intends on proving that he has the financial backing of influential individuals and neighbouring states.

Those representing the former president have advised that they are unaware of any papers having been filed and are therefore unable to comment on the claims at this stage.

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Author – Jessica Gooding

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