How much will an opposed divorce cost?


Unfortunately this is like asking how long a piece of string is, as every divorce is unique and the cost to litigate the divorce action depends on what happens during the course of the matter (eg. whether subpoenas need to be issued, whether any applications need to be brought, the cost of experts witness reports and testimony at trial etc.).
The cost of a divorce will vary depending on the legal fee rate of your attorneys and the amount of work done by them in finalising the divorce. It will also need to take into account the fees of any advocate employed to perform any work during the course of the divorce action, and the costs of preparation of your attorneys and advocate for trial.
Unfortunately the more acrimonious the divorce, the more you can be expected to have to spend to litigate the matter as it will be more difficult to settle the divorce action. It is recommended that where there is a reasonable opportunity for settlement that you give this full and proper consideration, as you can otherwise expect to spend hundreds of thousands of Rands to take the matter to trial and run the trial. Alternatively you can try negotiate or mediate using one of our expert mediators in our firm.

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