COVID -19 The ethical and moral dilemma of sending your children back to school

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As the 1st June 2020 fast approaches, with the return of Grade 7 and Grade 12 pupils to school, many parents are facing a moral and ethical dilemma as to whether they should in fact send their children back to school. 

The past few months of lockdown, and parents having to home school their children has been beyond stressful, not only because most parents are not Teachers, but because the children have been thrown into an abuys of the unknown. Parents too have been challenged beyond their limits, some having to work full time, whilst having to home school their children outside of working hours. 

Whilst most parents are eager for their children to return to school, there is still an enormous concern for the safety of our children. 

The dilemma faced by most parents, especially those working parents is two fold:

  1. They send their children back to school so that they can focus on the jobs which they are desperate to keep so that they can support their families financially, but in turn have judgment cast upon them, and risk the health of their darling children and incredible teachers; or
  1. We keep our children at home, continue to poorly homeschool them, unwittingly and repeatedly reminding them they are not as important as the computers in front of us, maintain the incredibly high stress-levels of juggling both home and work life, and protect the health of our darling children and incredible teachers.

Some parents have even made the decision to only allow their children to return to school next year and repeat the grade, rather than allowing them back into school.

There is no right or wrong answer. Many parents, not only in South Africa, but worldwide are faced with the exact same moral and ethical dilemma………..Do we send our children back to school?  Parents can only make a decision as to what they feel is in their child/ren’s best interests according to their families needs and requirements. 

Author – Kate Bailey – Hill

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