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Maintaing telephonic contact with your children is important. As a result of the current state of affairs with the COVID-19 virus and the nation-wide lockdown, many parents are unable to exercise physical contact with their children. During these unprecedented and difficult times, one must be sensitive to the fact that the relationship between parents and their children needs to be maintained.

As a parent, you are entitled to exercise reasonable daily telephonic contact with your children either by means of telephone calls, skype and/or by other electronic means of communication, irrespective of how old your child is. Maintaining telephonic contact with your children is always in the best interests of your children.

It is also the responsibility of the parent with whom the children are primarily resident with to facilitate and encourage this contact.

We understand that this may be a frustrating period for many people and are available to assist those of you experiencing any difficulties.

Author: Jessica Gooding

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