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We are living in unusual times, which has put “for better or worse” to an unexpected new type of test altogether for even the strongest marriages.

The lockdown has flared up tensions in marriages as spouses are left with little breathing room from one another, are prevented from being able to truly socialise with others, and have little to no opportunities to relax and de-stress away from home.

The lockdown has also meant significant financial stress and strain, with many people throughout the country having lost their jobs.

Some couples may also be finding that they are now forced to truly confront some arguments or issues in their marriage which they had been able to avoid when going about their normal day to day life before but which they can no longer escape from with the lockdown measures in place.

How has the lockdown affected you? Has it destroyed your marriage? Are there any suggestions you have for others on how to cope with these strange circumstances?

Author – Murray Taylor

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