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Our basic constitutional human rights are being infringed as the government makes irrational decisions for its citizens. South Africa’s lockdown restrictions are said to be the most severe in the world and our country is facing the longest lockdown than any other country.

What is terrifying is that the government is at liberty to extend the Covid-19 lockdown indefinitely while millions of people are without jobs and are starving. This has been made far worse by the irrational and meaningless decisions made by the ministers. 

In a recent High Court judgement in Pretoria the court ruled that when the government declared a National State of Disaster it was rational but the regulations made by the ministers were not rational. The judge went so far as to say that the ministers just did whatever they wanted to do without properly considering what the impact or outcome would be. 

Minister Zuma was given 14 days to review the current nonsensical and arbitrary regulations which have now been the subject of an appeal. 

Although we feel frustrated and powerless we can still make a difference if we unite and stand together. 

If your rights have been infringed, contact us if you require assistance. 

Together we can make a difference.  

Author – Benita Ardenbaum

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