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Harassment protection orders can be applied for during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this lockdown period to combat the COVID-19 virus, directions have been given by the Minister of Justice that specified Family Law Services will continue to be dealt with by the Courts.

This includes applications for interim Protection Orders for Domestic Violence or for Harassment.

Your nearest Magistrate’s Court shall be able to deal with these matters.

If you are currently living in close quarters with the person you need protection from during the current lockdown period, these Protection Orders can prevent them from physically, verbally, emotionally and psychologically abusing you, and can also prevent them from entering a particular room of the house where you can escape to or sleep for periods of time as may be necessary.

The police will continue to enforce Protection Orders, and you can call them to advise them of the situation and inform them that you have a Protection Order and warrant to be enforced.

Please remember that if the warrant provided to you with your Protection Order is used that you will need to return to the Magistrate’s Court for them to re-issue another warrant.

Should you require any assistance from us or experience any difficulties, please contact us as our offices are still operating during this lockdown period.

Author: Murray Taylor

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