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These are the most common questions we have encountered in our practice areas. For your convenience, the questions, along with the answers are merely intended for informational assistance. Every person’s problem is unique and deserves individualized attention.

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In South Africa both the High Court and the Regional Magistrate’s Court deal with divorce litigation. Both courts have similar procedures which need to be followed prior to a matter going to trial. Divorce proceedings are commenced when one of the parties serves a summons and particulars of claim on the other party, which can include a decree of divorce, spousal maintenance, child maintenance, care of and contact of minor children, division of assets; and more depending on your matter.

Whilst we do our utmost throughout proceedings to make attempts to settle divorces through negotiation and mediation, where this is not possible, we will deal with the court processes and procedures on your behalf in an efficient and effective way.


If you and the other parent of your child are experiencing difficulties exercising care of, and/or contact with your child, we can assist you by entering into discussions with the other party in an attempt to resolve the issues or by referring you to mediation with a properly trained and experienced mediator.

Whilst we will do our utmost to attempt to resolve issues without recourse to the court, should this not be successful, we are experienced in all forms of litigation in this regard and have a number of experts at our disposal to assist us should this becomes necessary.


Family Law is not only about finding a legal strategy, it is about the emotions that drive the parties, which often perpetuates the conflict during the divorce and family law proceedings.

We provide practical solutions to family law matters that are creative, dynamic and innovative and which assist clients to transition through the divorce and family law process with minimal stress and anxiety by providing the clients with the necessary emotional tools to get past their obstacles and transform then into opportunities.


Domestic Violence comes in many forms, it does not always mean that the abuse is physical.  For example, domestic violence may be in the form of verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, or sexual abuse. As a parent you may have been in an abusive relationship, or you are currently in an abusive relationship.