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When parents are going through a divorce or separation they may have a dispute between them as to which parent will have primary residence and care (custody) of the children.

Such fights between the parents could potentially lead to the children been traumatized by such a process which could have a long lasting  and damaging effect on them.


At Benita  Ardenbaum Attorneys we have dealt with many cases relating to children and so we are sensitive to your and your children’s needs.

Our primary objective is to assist you to make child-focused decisions based on the best interests of your children.

Our team of family law experts will provide you with guidance and answer your questions on a wide range of issues which relate to children and which include but are not limited to the following;

  1. Explaining Parental responsibilities and Rights in terms of the children’s act 38 of 2005;
  2. The issue of which parent the children will live with or whether there will be a joint residence scenario;
  3. The contact (access ) arrangements by the non resident parent;
  4. Provision of maintenance and how maintenance is determined;
  5. Guardianship of children and the difference between guardianship and care (custody ) of children; and
  6. Issues such as which parent gets to make the decisions about which schools the children attend, their medical and dental treatment and their religious upbringing.

Once we have consulted we will be able to determine what strategies to implement and whether we try and settle the matter out of court, mediate or Litigate.

What ever process is adopted we will ensure that we provide you with the best approach to support you and and your children and prepare you for the process and the outcome.

We work in collaboration with highly experienced counsellors  and other expert consultants to ensure that you transition through the process with confidence and ease.

For direct answers to your specific personal questions, please contact us directly.

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