Mr and Mrs Zulu were married 15 years ago. Sadly, their marriage has reached such a state of disintegration that they no longer have the same love and affection they once had for each other. They have become incompatible, and are intent on divorce.  Whilst they no longer have the same love and affection they once had for each other, they still respect one another, and realised that it is in both of their best interests that their divorce is dealt with and settled in an amicable manner so as to avoid unnecessary confrontation and protracted litigation. 

With our offices having facilitated a round table meeting with Mr and Mrs Zulu, an amicable resolution was reached in which all of the proprietary consequences of their marriage have been dealt with. This has allowed them to have a clear understanding about how their lives after divorce will work, specially when it comes to shared assets and the like, and has also allowed them to focus on their own emotions and changes in their lives as opposed to the stresses of litigation.

Given that Mr and Mrs Zulu have reached a settlement, the divorce process going forward will be smooth and relatively quick. The divorce summons and particulars of claim will be prepared in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement. They will thereafter be served on Mr Zulu (who is the defendant), and upon the expiration of 10 court days after having been served with the papers, the unopposed divorce will be set down for hearing.

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Author – Jessica Gooding

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