If you find yourself in the abominable position of divorcing a Narcissist, be aware that this is not a fight for the faint of heart, and you must be braver than you’ve ever been.

It’s important to realize that narcissism is a personality disorder often linked to other personality disorders (Bi-polar, Borderline, Psychopathy, etc). Narcissists come in many shades.

Narcissists are preoccupied with fantasies of limitless self-importance, success, and power. They over-exaggerate their accomplishments, popularity, and social importance.

They exploit or take advantage of others for personal gain. They require constant feeding of their egos, and thus crave excessive admiration.  They pit people against each other to get what they want. They divide people to conquer and gain power over them; they will sequester you from concerned friends and family. They manipulate by influencing emotions like fear and anger, employing threats and lies.

A major manipulation technique often used by narcissists is redefining reality by repeatedly fabricating fiction and presenting it as fact. They lie and present alternative facts, leading listeners to question their own understanding of reality.

Narcissists make others pay, and get nasty with those who don’t give them the agreement, admiration, and respect they feel entitled to. They expect automatic compliance from everyone around them.

Narcissists are toxic to people and situations. They are only decent to people who support their agenda. But they quickly discard (and/or make miserable) anyone who begs to differ or offers an opinion that challenges them. A Narcissist acts as the judge, jury, and executioner should you dare to defy them.

Divorcing a narcissist requires that you be prepared: mentally, physically, and financially!

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Author – Jessica Gooding

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