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In this article, the mother of our client’s child tried to use lockdown to block contact with his child. Far too often fathers have to fight to get meaningful contact with their children, with the mother, finding any excuse to leverage the children against them. The lockdown presented a new challenge for many fathers where the mother seized upon the opportunity to deny them contact, even if there was a Court Order or Parenting Plan, under the guise of complying with the lockdown Regulations.

Court Order

Our client, Matthew, had only had intermittent contact with his son since birth, until the mother, Susan, refused to allow him any further contact. We brought an application, and it was agreed at court in the interests of mediating the matter that Matthew’s mother would supervise Matthew’s contact for a period of time. Matthew complied with the Court Order and this period expired during lockdown. He had self-isolated and taken the necessary precautionary measures.

Block Contact

Susan flat out refused to allow him contact because the lockdown was in place. She did not care that there was a Court Order allowing him contact, or that this contact was in the child’s best interests, because this was all about her personal vendetta. We were able to show Susan and her attorney that the amended Regulations and the Courts had made it clear that Susan could not deny Matthew contact, and that there were criminal consequences to her acting in contempt of Court. She finally relented.

Regulations Exist

Our offices encounter these types of issues with contact all the time, and we are experts in dealing with them so that parents can get the meaningful contact they deserve and the contact which is in the best interests of their children. Were you aware that the Regulations allow you to still have contact during lockdown? Contact us to see what we can do to get you your contact.

Author – Murray Taylor

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